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Steve McLester

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Steve McLester  

Asheville Stained Glass , Inc.    

248 1/2 Charlotte St.
Asheville, North Carolina 28801           

Steve McLester 

Steve's pieces have an edge... 

they draw you in.

 Steve McLester of Asheville Stained Glass, Inc. has been creating and restoring stained glass for over 20 years for Commercial, Residential and Architectural needs including installation and custom framing.

The creator of original fine leaded and stained glass in North Asheville, 
Asheville Stained Glass' signature pieces have a contemporary edge, yet a classic arts feel with blown and cast glass architectural elements.

Surrounding, and often embracing, the blown glass rondelle is a balanced dance of geometric grace and the unexpected element... look for it. 
They are worthy of study.

Asheville Stained Glass also creates restorations of church windows and historic pieces, bringing them back to the life and beauty that they were born from while being thoughtful to it's past sometimes leaving well earned  scars and marks.  

Pieces are mounted in beautiful hand crafted frames, often of vintage Chestnut and other local North Carolina hardwoods. These handcrafted frames have lap  joined corners and are finished with a warm honey, linseed oil finish.

Asheville Stained Glass also does custom installations of your finished pieces.

Visit the studio on Charlotte St. 
in  Asheville, North Carolina.

Come on in, kinda' fun, huh? 
It's Asheville. 
It's the South. Welcome .

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